Redefining Yourself

Pictures.Most of us love taking those. For various reasons. Some of us take pictures just for the fun of it. I take pictures because I want to remember a moment, capture a memory. You show me a picture I took, I can tell you when, where and why I took the picture. There’s another reason why I take pictures and it’s because I can be anyone else but me through the lens. I don’t have to be Ursula, I don’t have to be a Grade A student. I can just be. The camera redefines me. Redefinition. Most of us like to do that, and it’s mostly for the wrong reasons. We do it to fit in. I cannot stress enough the importance of being you. Redefining yourself is a good thing. As you grow older, you have to reset priorities and begin to attune yourself to the changes happening around you. However, when you redefine yourself for the purpose of fitting in, redefinition is no longer the right thing to do. Redefine yourself, on your own terms, for the right reasons. When you look through the lens, picture a different you, a you who doesn’t give two hoots about what others think, as long as you are doing the right thing. A you who’s awesomely unique and amazing in your own weird way. Redefine yourself through your own lens. Never ever let what people do to you or say to you define you. You’re better than that. Love you,with all your idiosyncrasies and crazy little habits. It’s those things that make you different. It’s the little hiccup after your laugh that makes you unique. Or the way you bite your lower lip when you’re nervous that makes you distinctive. Keep being you because you is awesome.


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