Is that a blog?

I have absolutely no idea what a blog is. I have one but I don’t know what it is. My friend asked me, “Ursula, if you don’t know what a blog is, why do you have one?” All I said was; “Good question.” I created this blog a while ago and posted nothing at all. I didn’t know what to post. I created it because blogs were becoming quite popular and I didn’t have one. So now that I had a blog, the next question was this; “What on earth do you post on a blog?” Is it an online diary? I didn’t think it was because diaries are supposed to be secret so why would anyone have one online? Do I write about my day? Most of those who may read my blog are strangers so I didn’t think they’d want to know how my day went. So my account remained quiet and inactive. Then, one of my friends gave me a splendid idea. I write these little pieces every day and send them to my friends via broadcast message on WhatsApp. She didn’t know I had a blog. She said to me, “Create a blog and put these pieces there” I said okay. So I began. I call these pieces “verve” hence, the name of the blog. I used to have this fear and I still do that no one is going to read my blog. I realized, I don’t care though. When these pieces were on WhatsApp, only my friends read them, if they’re online and no one reads them the difference is the same. So I have a blog and till now, I have no idea what a blog is or what goes into a blog, but offloading thoughts unto a web page does give some relief. People don’t always listen, they never get you and they almost always judge, but hey, your blog never will. My blog may be boring or unconventional and it may be so conspicuous that I don’t know how to blog but hey, that’s the beauty of it. You just learn to go along with it. I’m done writing this and I’m still unsure what a blog is but then again, who cares?


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