The gift of Life.

Life is a rare gift. Yup, rare. You might think  lots of people are alive so God might just be throwing the life around. Newsflash, He isn’t. Millions of people die daily. There are people whoa re barely alive. Some are hanging on barely, and that’s because they are hooked up to countless machines. Some people are alive and cannot even use the lives they have. They have to obey strict rules or they would be dead in a flash. Most of us take the fact that we walk and talk freely for granted. We should not, because people are wishing for that kind of freedom. If you’re alive today, it’s a gift. It’s an opportunity God has given you. Do not misuse it. Glorify God with your life. Do good. Make God happy He decides to give you this gift. As today goes on, share you gift with others. It could be a smile, an encouraging word or simply a listening ear. Those are kinda rare these days. Have a great Monday and may the 7th day of November be good to you.


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