Ugh, Monday!

It’s Monday again. Most of us hate it because it’s the start of another hectic week. Personally, Monday is my least favourite day. I have lectures till five pm. Sucks. At the end of each Monday, I’m always very exhausted and fall asleep before eight pm. Sometimes however, Mondays don’t suck. They’re very awesome days sometimes. Especially when Monday is a holiday. Then I get a four day weekend because I have no class on Fridays. Your Monday goes how you decide it should go. Sometimes, Mondays don’t agree with us because we don’t agree with them. We begin the day with the notion in our heads that the day is going to be horrible. SO, it winds up as horrible. When the week begins badly, nine times out of ten, it continues badly, and sometimes even worse. The trick is to start  with peace. Peace in your mind. Peace in your soul. Peace in your spirit. When you radiate the peace from within, automatically people around you begin to attune themselves to your peace. Then there is peace within and without. How then do we get this peace? Many people have different ways of achieving inner peace. My way is by communing with God through His Word, first and foremost. Then I rid myself of the notion that Mondays suck. I go through the day and each time I’m tempted to throw up my hands in frustration, I smile instead and tell myself, “God’s got you amiga.” I take a deep breath and keep going. Monday is still not one of my favourite days but I still look forward to it. Have a peaceful Monday pal.


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