Letting Go

When I was in Senior High School the school priest taught me something I will never forget. At Mass one day, Fr. George said; “Make a fist.” We all did. Then he told us to keep squeezing. We did. He told us not to stop and to keep going. We did. Or at least, we tried. It got harder and more painful. Then he told us that that was exactly what we did to ourselves when we refused to let stuff go. When someone offends us, we keep it in our hearts. We make a fist. Then as time goes on, resentment for them creeps in. We begin to squeeze the fist. Then little by little, other negative feelings join the party and soon the fist is so tight we cannot squeeze anymore yet we still insist on squeezing. Holding things in is toxic. Very toxic. Our hearts are like rubber tires. You continue to pump and it’s going to burst and you won’t like it. Quit holding things in. Learn to  let go. When you harbor ill feelings against a person, you do not know it but it’s yourself you are keeping prisoner. Your face contorts even at the mention of the person’s name. Your heart rate quickens at the sight of the person. You feel like hitting something. The person in question is living his/her life, oblivious to you. Let go, for your own sake.For your own sanity. Release that fist. An open palm is of more use to you than a closed fist. Have a blessed day.


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