Pick Yourself Up!

It takes courage to reach. It’s not an easy thing to follow your dreams. There are so many obstacles sometimes you feel like you’re actually losing. You feel like following your dreams is the wrong thing to do. You want to quit and go for work for someone else to make their dream come true. Don’t. You may pour your heart, soul, tears and every fiber of yourself into your ambitions and still fall short. You may take a leap of faith only to feel yourself hit the ground with a devastating blow. These falls hurt more than most stumbles because they feel like the end of a dream; the end of a part of yourself. To this I say pick yourself up. Use the pain from the fall to fuel your ambition so you can rise again and reach higher. The pursuit of any goal will only ever leave you stronger unless you let disappointment break your spirit. You are the one who gets to decide. Pick yourself up. The weakness is not in losing. Weakness is in losing and deciding that the ground is the best place for you. Countless times, I have lost. I have had my scripts rejected for school plays. I did not stop writing. No. I sent my scripts to many sites and most of them did not even reply. I did not stop writing. It only fueled me to write better things because I knew if I became better, they would reply. So, the ground might be comfortable now, but not for long. It gets cold and itchy. Pick yourself up! Just remember whenever you decide to get cozy on the ground that there’s a lot of people you piss off when you win. I’ll give anything to see them scowl when I become a best-selling author one day. So, piss those people off. So, get up, dust yourself off and leap again. Even if you fall, you just learn that leaping that way isn’t right for you and you try another way. One day when you’re soaring, those many falls won’t matter anymore. Pick yourself up!


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