​One of my favorite music videos of 2016 is Katy Perry’s Rise. In the video, she tries to fly a parachute. The conventional thing is to jump from a plane and open the parachute. However, she tries to fly from land. She ties the parachute to herself and runs a while, so the wind will pick her up. The parachute is heavy and weighs her down. She falls countless times and bruises herself even more times. She decides higher ground would be better and climbs a rocky hill. Even then, she falls into the water. She doesn’t give up tho and finally, her work pays off and she rises into the sky.

This is a story of you and I. However, instead of our stories ending in beautiful flight, they end in miserable falls. After we fall, the ground is comfortable. We prefer the safety of the ground than the insecurity and uncertainty of the struggle. We give in to the urge to remain down and forget that, the flight is worth the run. I don’t know what is happening in your life now but here’s what I want to tell you; get your ass off the ground and run again. The flight is worth the runs and falls. When you’re soaring, you don’t even remember the pain because you’re reveling in the taste that comes from knowing you won on your own terms. 


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