1 Corinthians 13, the University Edition 

My favourite  chapter  of  the  Bible  is  1Corinthians  13.  Most  people  refer  to  it  as  the  Love  Chapter. Saint  Paul  wrote  to  the  Corinthians  based  on  issues  of  the  day.  We  live  over  two  thousand  years later  and  somehow,  we  can still  relate.  I  have  a  feeling  that  if  Paul  lived  today,  that  chapter  would  be considerably  longer  than  it  is  now.  The  world  today  is  full  of  so  many  atrocities  I  wonder  how  we  live  in it.  I’m  a  university  student  and  I  relate  to  most  things  that  have  to  do  with  students.  If  St.  Paul  were  in the  university  right  now,  1Corinthians  13  would  probably  look  something  like  this; If I  can  recite  off  hand  the  names  of  all  the  winners  of  the  VGMAs  since  its  inception  and  do  not have  love,  I  am  but  a  noisy  gong  or  a  whining  nuisance.  And  if  I  am  an  outstanding  student,  with  the highest  GPA in  the  class,  and  if  I  am  the  most  active  member  of  a  campus  religious  group  and  go  to church  every  Sunday,  if  I  give  the  largest  sum  of  money  as  an  offering  and  do  not  have  love,  I  am nothing.  If  I  do  good,  for  the  prestige  that  comes  with  it,  and  do  not  do  it  because  of  love,  I  gain nothing. Love is  patient;  it  takes  time  to  explain  the  Kurt  Lewin  model  of  change  to  the  friend  who  was  not  in class.  Love  is  kind,  it  shares  the  little  it  has  with  a  friend  and  does  not  expect  anything  in  return.  Love is  not  selfish;  it  does  not  refuse  to  share  the  third  season  of  Game  of  Thrones  with  a  friend.  Love  is not  boastful  or arrogant,  pompous  or rude.  It  does  not  tell  everyone  that  it  is  the  reason  that  friend passed  her  Logical  Reasoning  paper.  Love  does  not hurt one’s  emotions.  It  does  not  go  round boasting  about  all  the  girls  he  has  slept  with.  Love  does  not  insult  that  boy  who  always  wears  designer knockoffs.  It  is  not  irritable  or  resentful;  it  doesn’t  hate  the  girl  who  always  gets  a  first  class.  It  does not  insult  a  boy  who  asked  her  out  because  she  feels  he  is  not  her  class.  Love  does  not  force  a girlfriend to have sex with him. It respects her wishes and stays away. It does not insist on its own way. It does  not  rejoice  in  wrongdoing,  but  it  rejoices  in  truth.  It  bears  all  things,  believes  all  things,  hopes  all things,  endures  all  things;  even  that  lecturer  who  is  excruciatingly  boring. Love never ends.  But  as  for the VGMAs,  they’ll  pass.  The  Puma  Fenty  will  get  old.  Your  name  on the  Dean’s  list  would  soon  be  history.  The  popularity  you  have  on  campus,  it  will  all  fade  away.  The boys  will  stop  chasing  you  and  that  puffed  up  pride  will  deflate.  Your  money  will  eventually  finish  and you’ll  no  longer  be  the  one  all  the  ladies  chase. For we  know only  in  part,  and  think  only  in  part,  but  when  the  complete  comes,  the  partial  will  end. When I  was  a  child,  I  spoke,  I  thought,  I  reasoned  like  a  child.  Now  I’m  an  adult  and  I  put  an  end  to childish  things.  For now  we  see  in  a  mirror,  dimly  but  then,  we  will  see  face  to  face.  Now  I  know  only  in part,  then  I  will  know fully,  even  as  I  have  been  fully  known. And faith,  hope  and  love abideth;  these  three  and  the  greatest  of  these  is  L  O  V  E. 


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