Jamal alealam mukhfi fi eaynayk


Whilst reading a book some days ago, I came across a profound statement; جمال العالم مخفي في عينيك

jamal alealam mukhfi fi eaynayk.
It is Arabic for; “The beauty of the world is hidden in your eyes”
It touched me. You may choose to translate it as you wish but here is what it means to me; the world is an ugly place. Very ugly. It is also a very beautiful place. The beauty and the horror exist together as one and there is no separating them. The horror is very clear to see. Famine, war, hungry children, broken homes, you name it. The world is so full of evil and atrocities it’s a wonder we can still live in it.  The beauty however is subtle. Rarely seen, unless one looks very hard. Sure, there are very clear instances of beauty in the world but then we are so preoccupied with ourselves we do not see them. It is hidden, but only from those who choose not to see it. It is there, in the cry of a hungry child. Instead of a big round belly and a lot of skin, you can see another miracle of life, a kid still alive, despite all the odds against him. The beauty is there, in the crashing and noisy sea. Instead of a destructive force, see a wonder of nature. An untameable and fierce elemental. See the beauty in the family, who despite their misunderstandings, still find something to laugh about each evening. The world is beautiful, but it’s beauty is hidden in your eyes. The world is always going to be ugly, as long as there’s people in it. People screw things up. We spoil everything everywhere we go. It’s in our nature. We cannot see beauty without destroying it. But inasmuch as we destroy things, it’s also in our nature to both create and restore beauty. Make a conscious effort to see the beauty around you. Smile at that pesky kid. See innocence in his eyes, instead of mischief. That homeless man on your street, see an individual not put down by life but still getting by. See the beauty. Don’t close your eyes to the ugliness. See it, but don’t dwell on it. Without seeing the ugly, you cannot appreciate the beautiful. Stay out of trouble.


Jamal alealam mukhfi fi eaynayk




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